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LUNA Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers S.R.O. is an EU licensed insurance brokerage company. We provide financial planning, wealth management, all types of life & non-life insurance and reinsurance services.

LUNA offers exceptional insurance and reinsurance services to its local and international clients as well as expatriates with the specific financial needs.

Insurance has a long and distinguished history. The United Kingdom has played a crucial role in the history of insurance, from as far back as the reaction to the Great Fire of London in 1666 and the development of insurance trading in Edward Lloyd's coffee shop in 1688.

Insurance is an essential part of everyday life, playing a very important role in both economic development as well as having a role in supporting wider societal ends.

Due to the challenges from consumers and competitive requirements, our sector is constantly adapting and renewing its commitment to providing the public peace of mind.

Though insurance products are provided in a commercial context, both for individuals and for corporate customers, they clearly serve a wider purpose. Insurance helps oil the engine of the economy, for example in underwriting trade through trade credit. It also provides peace of mind to the public through collective insurance for a host of perils including flood, fire, and health. In short, the economy and society as a whole benefits from the certainty insurance brings through:

  • Efficiently protecting the public through innovative risk management techniques.
  • Freeing up businesses and professionals from everyday risks and encouraging innovation and competition.
  • Relieving the burden from the state and providing comfort to individuals by providing safe, effective and affordable pension savings, protection and de-cumulation products that convert pension savings into retirement income. 


Why should you choose LUNA?
When you choose our service based on life insurance products, you benefit from our reassuring client care;

- Independence,
- Service focused,
- Personal Touch,
- International Reach.


LUNA  is  building  its  business based on life insurance products, on  the values that are so important to its directors from the very beginning:

- Ethical,
- Trustworthy,
- Forward thinking.

Financial planning, through life insurance products, aims to give clients impartial help in organising their personal or corporate financial affairs to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals more effectively.


- Wealth Management
- Education Funding
- Future Planning
- Protection