LUNA Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers S.R.O. is an insurance brokerage company fully licensed to conduct business by the Czech National Bank. In cooperation with our partner brokers, we can secure financial planning, wealth management, marketing and PR services regarding life insurance policies available from international life insurance companies.

Luna  works with co brokers all around the World. Main co brokers are Shiama Limited in Belize, Herald Brokers Limited in Canada and IPFS Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers Inc in Turkey. 

Insurance is an essential part of everyday life, playing a very important role in both economic development as well as having a role in supporting wider societal ends. Due to the challenges from consumers and competitive requirements, our sector is constantly adapting and renewing its commitment to providing the public peace of mind.


Financial planning, through life insurance products, aims to give clients impartial help in organising their personal or corporate financial affairs to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals more effectively.